I work as a human resources manager for a large company, and it is my job to do the first interview of potential employees. I’ve always enjoyed my work, but I don’t particularly care for the commute. I take a bus to save money, but it has become very unpleasant in the last few years. One of the other commuters is a whistler, he does only snatches of songs, and he is frequently off-key.

Being irritated on the way to work and home has been annoying, but leaving the bus always puts me in a better mood. It helps that our company has begun a hiring spree that has made the atmosphere lighter and people happier. I’m part of the hiring team, and most employees remember fondly that I helped them get their jobs. That part of my work has always been pleasant, but last week the whistler applied.

I saw his application and resume before I knew who he was, and I was pleasantly surprised to have someone who would fit well into several different departments. Unfortunately, I knew exactly who he was as soon as I opened the door to the waiting room and heard his whistling. I tried my best to be professional during the interview, and he said he expected a call soon for one of the many positions he was qualified to fill.

He called this morning to ask about his next interview, but I let the phone go to voicemail rather than speaking to him. In my heart, I cannot possibly foist him off on an unsuspecting manager with his horrible habit. One of my fellow human resources managers asked me why I was glum, and I explained about the whistler. He told me it wasn’t up to us to judge, and he offered find this applicant a job where his whistling wouldn’t be an issue.